Thank you for your interest in Keystone Cap Company. We know our time with you on this page is short, so we will be brief.

My wife Rose and I are proud owners of Keystone Cap Company, a gem of a company tucked away in the small town of Columbia, Pennsylvania. Our decision to purchase this company in 2007 was fueled by the values we shared with Leo Tragesser, our company’s founder. In 1930, at the height of the depression, Tragesser embarked on an entrepreneurial journey at a time when our country and its people needed it the most. He boldly committed to putting young people to work, to teach them discipline in processes and pride in product.

Fast forward to 2007. Like many businesses, Keystone Cap Company had been hit by hard economic times and was facing closure. We, like Tragesser, wanted to afford people an opportunity to work and to contribute to the economic recovery of our great country. Although we were both working full-time — I as a electrical engineer and Rose as an educator — we couldn’t walk away from the promise we saw in this company and its people. Our ownership of Keystone Cap Company was finalized in 2008 and in 2009, I bid farewell to my employer of 22 years committing myself full-time to Keystone Cap Company. In 2010, Rose joined the full-time ranks as well. We haven’t looked back since.

Today we are proud of our successful reemergence in the threaded metal closure market. Our streamlined manufacturing, procurement and management practices have enabled us to realize production outputs not seen in decades, allowing us to be competitive with our larger counterparts. We are exceeding our clients’ expectations with turn-around times faster than they thought possible, with quality that is second to none.

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer today and as a friend tomorrow.

Warm regards,

Paul and Rose Hoffman